With the introduction of the LG Kids Pad, it’s clear that LG are keen to address the needs of tiny tablet users and grab a slice of the market – but not at a very small price.

LG Kids Pad: Tablet for children turns up in Korea for $276

Earlier this year the Archos Child Pad came onto the market for a fairly affordable $170 (approximately), offering an android interface tailored to the kids market with a kids app store, games and learning tools. LG, however have entered the market at a slightly higher level requiring parents to dig deeper and fork out almost twice as much ($276) for their LG Kids Pad which hits stores in South Korea tomorrow.

The two Pads are not direct comparisons of course, where the Archos version is but 7 inches tall, the LG one is a bolder 9 inches and more optimized for younger children between three and seven years old.

The company has suggested that its customized software has been designed specifically to be most suitable to the apps it can offer and like the Archos Child Pad, it also apparently operates on an Android system however at this point we don’t have any specific information about which version.

We can at least tell you about the specifications that the LG sources have revealed so far; basically there’s a camera on board and the kids will be able to play MP3s and it works on a cartridge based system whereby you can purchase separate content, and for the aforementioned price it comes with a free cartridge that could help your kid learn English.

That’s all we’ve got for now, and whether that in itself is sufficient to justify the purchase of a tablet for your little ones is perhaps debatable. It’s also yet to be seen whether this tablet will ever be available to the European market.

If that does happen and further specifications are revealed then of course we’ll be letting you know. If you’re more desperate and can’t wait until then to buy your child friendly tablet, then for now the Archos Child Pad is probably your best bet.

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