Lenovo has been rocking CES with their new Windows 8 devices, not to mention the smartphones they’ve introduced. Now a Lenovo Executive has stated that a Windows 8 smartphone could still appear on the market this year. Lenovo’s interest in a Windows 8 smartphone was sparked by Nokia’s success.

Lenovo Windows 8 Smartphone Could Still Appear in 2013

JD Howard, Vice President of Business Operations & Worldwide Business Development in the Mobile Internet and Digital Home Sector (that’s a mouthful) for Lenovo, told ZDnet Asia that depending on how the market moves, Lenovo could very well go forward with a Windows 8 smartphone. Android is doing well for Lenovo, but if Windows 8 continues to make a strong showing in the smartphone market, anything is possible.

Should Lenovo go in for the Windows 8 smartphone, it would, in all likelihood appear in 2013. It’s possible that work has already been done of the Windows 8 phone, but it hasn’t gotten the green light yet.

What do you think? Should Lenovo go Windows 8?

Source: ZDnet Asia

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  • Scot

    “Lenovo’s interest in a Windows 8 smartphone was sparked by Nokia’s success.”

    Nokia’s success?