Windows 8 has shifted the definition of the home PC to encompass the latest idea: the All-In-One. Lenovo’s IdeaCenter Horizon aims to take that idea to a whole new level with a 27 inch multi-touch display. The so-called “Table PC” combines desktop PC, tablet (albeit large and not portable) and entertainment system in one interesting package.

Lenovo Announces IdeaCenter Horizon Table PC  *UPDATE: Hands-On Video

The table PC will target families for the most part with its wide range of entertainment services.  Horizon comes equipped with the Lenovo App store featuring over 5,000 apps and can be bought with an educational and entertainment gaming package. For instance, instead of going out and buying a board game, the family can gather around the Table PC and play Monopoly.

The device comes with NVIDIA GeForce graphics and the Dolby Home Theater v4 sound system. Horizon also features the Intel Core i7 processor, Windows 8 and impressive viewing angles. The Horizon is only 1.1 inch thick and weighs 17.8 pounds. It has 8 GB DDR3 memory and 1 TB HHD with an optional 64 GB SSD on baord. As for ports, there’s a USB 3.0, 6 in 1 card reader and HDMI. The Table PC will be available in early summer for $1,699.

Lenovo plans to offer a Horizon Multimode Table stand as an optional accessory. The stand would allow the user to arrange the angle and height of the device for optimum viewing angles. Without the stand, the device would in all likelihood, given its size be difficult to prop up.

The form of the home PC is changing as fast as our fingers can keep up. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

*UPDATE Hands-On Video!

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