The rumors of the iPad Mini have been a daily occurrence so I’m ecstatic that GeekBeat TV has but together a “leaked” iPad Mini Video. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of reading the Mini iPad news, they need to launch the device already.

Leaked iPad Mini Promo Video or Hilarious Spoof?

To recap you on the latest iPad Mini news, we’re still expecting it to launch to be next Tuesday, which means that Apple has less than a week to get the invites out.

We’ve uncovered a screenshot of the leaked pricing of the iPad Mini, The image shows a retailers inventory and reveals that the WiFi-only iPad Mini 8GB will be priced at just 250 Euros, which is equivalent to around $325.

The 3G and WiFi 8GB iPad Mini is priced at 350 Euros ($450), while the 16GB model costs 349 Euros and 449 Euros ($580) for the WiFi and 3G model respectively. You can then add another 100 Euro ($130) for the 32GB models and a further 100 Euros for the 64GB iPad Mini, which means that the top 64GB 3G iPad Mini costs a whopping 649 Euros ($840).

Hopefully these rumors stop soon since the suspected date is closing in, here is the video if you’re after that and not more gossip.

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