At CES Kingston presented the first ever 1 TB USB memory stick. The memory stick works basically like an SSD, especially when you factor in the USB 3.0 capabilities. We have to luck to get this one on camera yesterday for you to see.

Kingston Presents 1 TB USB Memory Stick – Hands On

No this is not a typo, the Kingston memory stick really has 1 TB of memory. Not to mention that it reads at 240MB/s and writes at 160MB/s! But wait! Before you start “I gotta have me one of those” and rustling around for your wallet, you should know that this memory stick costs the price of a cheap Rolex.

The 512 GB version of the stick costs $1,700 while the double sized stick will set you back $3,000 when it comes in Q1!

Check out our hands on video:

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