Amazon’s upgraded Kindle Fire HD tablet as you might be aware has went on sale – a few days earlier than its scheduled launch date of November 20. The 8.9 inch, Wi-Fi – only version of Amazon’s much popular Kindle tablet will start at $299 and according to a new report, is expected to beat the sales of the iPad Mini. The 4G enabled version will go on sale in the next few days as well. The first generation Kindle Fire was a popular product and was able to dent the sales of the iPad – although not by a significant margin.

Will the Kindle Fire HD Outsell the Apple iPad Mini?

As for the report which says that the new Kindle Fire HD would outsell the iPad, let me warn you that it comes from folks over at who assert that the Kindle Fire HD would outsell the iPad Mini by a ratio of 2 to 1! And how did they arrive at this conclusion? Well data collected by them from the number of searches conducted on their website makes its clear that people are searching more for the Kindle Fire HD rather than the iPad Mini. In fact, there are twice as many searches for the Kindle Fire HD than for the iPad Mini.

Is this a conclusive enough indication that the Kindle Fire HD would outsell the iPad Mini? Surely not – but there is no denying the fact that the Kindle Fire HD does prove to be an attractive, lower priced and feature packed alternative to the iPad Mini – which costs an astronomical $329 for the base version.

According to CouponCodes4u Chairman Mark Pearson, “It’s no surprise that although some families would probably love to purchase an iPad mini device for every member of their family, they simply cannot afford the higher cost and would rather purchase a Kindle device instead”.

So, how many of you think that the Kindle FireHD would actually outsell the iPad Mini?

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