High tech toilets are pretty standard in Japan, we’ve all seen stories of bathrooms that sing, shoot water, blow hot air and even vibrate. Today we’ve got a new twist with a bathroom that can be controlled using an Android Smartphone.

Japanese High Tech Toilet Uses Android Smartphone as Remote Control – Video

The toilet is packed with all the usual suspects, seat warmers, automatic lid and seat opening and closing, bidet, dryer but it comes with the ability to control it all through an app on your Android smartphone. The phone connects via Bluetooth with the toilet via and Android App called My Satis which allows for, among other things, rinsing in two intensities and the automatic raising and lowering of the lid.

You can also adjust the pressure and the temperature of the bidet jet individually and the toilet will even recognize the approaching use thanks to the Bluetooth and adjust itself accordingly. If that wasn’t enough music can be streamed through the integrated speakers. But no tech toilet could call it self complete with out the ability to monitor its water and energy consumption.
From February the Lixil Satis toilets will be available in Japan from $2600 to 44700 US dollars.

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