Thinking about traveling in Japan? If you are and you have a Windows 8 tablet then you should take a look at what Nicole downloaded for her trip to Lake Hamana.

Japan Travel Apps for Windows 8 Tablets

Watch Nicole takes a closer look at Travel Interpreter an app that will set you back $8.99, find out if it’s worth it.

Here are a list of apps that we take a closer look at in the video, if you want to find out how they stack up, you’ll have to keep scrolling and watch the video.

Travel Interpreter – $8.99
Beginning Japanese – $2.49
Japanese Dialogs – Free
Manga Z – Free
Shinto Religion – Free

Full Disclosure: I received an Acer Iconia W510 Tablet for free from Intel as part of joining the tablet crew. I am free to write whatever I want and all opinions are my own.

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