Square isn’t the only game in town when it comes to mobile payment, JabezPOS is looking to create more than just a mobile check out solution. At the Computex BC Awards 2013, we got to learn more about the total solution they have brought to market. JabezPOS is a cloud based platform that is looking to help you track your inventory, print receipts and of course process virtual payments.

JabezPOS: Mobile Check out Solution for Small Business at BC Awards 2013

What is most interesting is that they’re targeting very small business, they have initially targeted night market vendors. Taiwan has a rich culture of street stalls selling extremely delicious snacks. It is not uncommon for a stall to sell only one item that may only cost 30Nt or 1 US dollar. Shopping for clothes in night markets is also a run of the mill activity, so having a service that is low cost that can help track inventory is essential to its success.

The total system is more than just a dongle that attaches to your smartphone to swipe your credit cards, you can also scan merchandise to control inventory, trigger the register to open and manage the entire back end of your business. Based on Amazon Cloud Service JabezPOS is only $48 USD a month an includes the wireless router to manage all the device you’ll need to manage your business, a printer for receipts, scanner to track inventory levels, register and of course the smartphone or tablet that you’ll use as the backend of your business. JabezPOS is available globally and is compatible with Android and IOS devices. It is an attractive, simple and useful way for anyone from street vendors to mobile businesses to accept credit cards.

If you think this sounds familiar, you’re right, it is very much like square, which also allows you to accept credit cards via your mobile device. The the big difference between the two technologies is that you get a complete infrastructure to run and manage your business. Plus you get the additional hardware with the scanner to manage your inventory and the printer to give receipts.

If you’re looking for a point of reference about how other companies are implementing similar services, let’s take a look at some other players. Google Wallet uses a near-field communication (NFC) chip inside the phone to communicate with a PayPass reader and a four-digit PIN to authenticate any transaction. LevelUp, on the other hand, uses QR codes on screen to initiate transactions. You launch your LevelUp app, and the cashier grabs the business’s smartphone. Your app displays a QR code, which the cashier scans with the other phone. LevelUp has an optional PIN (which I think should be mandatory and turned on by default). If you’re wondering who JabazPOS is most similar to it is Square which seeks user authentication.

JabezPOS is already available on the market and have made a move out of Taiwan into the US and China where they currently have customers. If you want to learn more about their service please head on over to their website at www.JabezPOS.com. Virtual mobile payments are an area of growth and we are still looking for solutions to help this new ecosystem take off and work seamlessly.

The Computex BC Awards 2013 happens a few days before the main event which is of course Computex that takes place here in Taipei June 4 to 8th. If you’re curious what else went on at this pre-Computex event, please take a minute to check out the gallery below.

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