• http://meinwp.com/ MikaBaumeister

    Great Article. Once again, something which looks better than it is in conclusion.. Honestly, I’d like to see a Quadcore powered iAndroid Device from China :)

    • Lul

      Its already here :) Kiphone i6 Quadcore ;)

  • ifyouseekamy

    in regards to them having “leaked” chasis or leftovers from genuine apple shells, this is false. the case is NOT identical. its actually a bit thicker (measure it yourself). to make these cases, there are other factories that mass produce hard materials and assembly which they employ.

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  • nadya

    can I ask a question? why my iphone 5 clone camera does not work. its out “cant connet to camera, turn off the flashing light or other equipment” can u help me please . :-(

  • yash

    I want This Clone Iphone , But From Where To Buy

  • Bradley Holmes

    where can you by it online

    • jaspreet

      I CAn provide if some one wants iPhone clone…watsapp me on 7307783424

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  • Ovee Zaman

    nice one

  • http://www.mks.com Montu Singh

    Like this and Purchaade

  • abhishek soni

    I want this how do they do it

  • Wan ahmad taufiq

    I want to know why my fon don’t have code and imei no at back fon?

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