Rumors are always flying around the internet but it seems that the analysts are already weighing in with what they think is going on with the iPhone 6. Just to be clear, the iPhone 6 is coming after the iPhone 5S that we think will be released in June or July of this year.

iPhone 5S & 6 Rumors & Exynos Processors Vulnerability – News Round Up

A horrible and awesome exploit has been uncovered on Samsung’s Exynos 4412 & 4210 processors which effects the Samsung Galaxy S2, 3 and the note line up. This exploit gives easy access to all of a device’s RAM. This is pretty cool because it means that affected devices could be rooted extremely easily (we’re talking one-click APK), but it’s terrifying for exactly the same reason since malicious apps could root your phone in one click. Via SlashGear

The Nexus 4 official bumper is sold out on Google Play but you can find it on Amazon for $45, here is the link if you’re keen.

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