The first thing you want to know when you’re buying a new smartphone is if it’s worth the price tag. First you have to think objectively. What is the best deal in terms of specifications, design, operating system and battery life? Then you can decide based on emotional response– that I just can’t explain it– factor.

iPhone 5 in Comparison with Samsung Galaxy s3, HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 920 & iPhone 4S

With Apple’s new iPhone 5 snagging all the media attention and Apple’s die hard fans clamoring for the latest and greatest iPhone, it’s easy to get caught up. But remember, think objectively first. We’ve made this handy little table for you so that you can compare spec by spec the top smartphones on the market to the new iPhone 5.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is that many of the specs are the same from smartphone to smartphone, but the slight differences make or break a phone. When it comes to screen size, half an inch really matters to some people. So take a look and ask yourself, do I want an iPhone 5 because it’s trendy or because that’s the phone for me?


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  • Guest008

    The RAM of the iPhone 5 is 1 Go and its battery should be the same as the 4S’ one: 1420 mAh.
    Note that Apple, during the keynote/launch, presented its phone as the world’s thinnest smartphone. Which is of course a lie.
    So, maybe they did the same with battery life (the bigger screen and LTE will be more power hungry for sure) and the speed of their cpu which should be faster but maybe not as much as they claim).

    Anyway the Exynos 5, the Snap Dragon 4 pro will soon arrive in phones and iPhones won’t even have faster cpu.
    The screen isn’t the best anymore, the size is a bit too small, the ratio of the handset is unaesthetic, iOS, well, is still rows of icons (yeah you get one more wooohoo)…

    Apple doesn’t lead anything anymore, but they still sell… For now.
    Go figure. Maybe Apple’s marketing, iFanboys disinfo and the sheep mentality of a vast number of tech un-savvy customers.

    I think the next evolution is coming from mainland chinese manufacterers such as ZTE and Oppo.
    The Find(er?) 5 from Oppo will be a beast.
    441 ppi, 5″ Full HD screen, a 2500 mAh battery, 6.65 mm (0.26) inch ‘thick’, JellyBean…
    I really hope it’ll sell in the US and Europe. I want one.

    • Guest008

      PS: the cpu should be the Snap Dragon 4 Pro quad core.
      I’m telling you, a beast.