Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 5 in San Francisco yesterday, and already the news is monopolizing the media and not just the technology outlets. Every little rumor was devoured ravenously in the weeks and months before the iPhone 5’s release until every last detail was chewed up and spat out. Now we finally have it with certainty: Apple is just a perfectly ordinary manufacturer of consumer electronics!

The iPhone 5 or How Apple Stepped Back Into the Limelight

It’s faster, thinner, lighter, and of course, it also has a higher resolution and an extra row of icons. Yeah, we can talk about the improved cameras too, but is that enough?

The design hasn’t changed not even a little bit and Apple continued to disappoint me all along the line, because basically only the headphones and the new power connector were extensive improvements!

Before you all start shouting “you old Android fanboy” – just wait, I’m not done yet!

The iPhone will sell like hot cakes again, because Apple is the only company on the globe that doesn’t need to polish its reputation with superlatives. Once Apple’s presentations were always filled with record breaking boasts about their newest product releases, but that’s over now!

The iPhone 5 is not the

  • thinnest smartphone
  • lightest smartphone
  • fastest Smartphone
  • Smartphone with the best display
  • Smartphone with the best features
  • Smartphone with the best camera
  • Smartphone with the best OS

Apple is behind the competition in innovation and in terms of design, they’ve reached a dead end! The iPhone 5 almost humanizes Apple: “Look, we’re not aliens, which with every launch shake up the global markets and invent something new!”

And that’s what will make the success of the new iPhone 5. We’re all creatures of habit anyway and maybe Apple just wants to build on it.

Disclaimer: In the end of September, I will start an “iTRY” self-test and for 4 weeks, the iPhone 5 will be my only phone. I will be without my armada of Android handsets!

(Translated from the German by Sascha Pallenberg)

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  • Dan

    “iPhone 5 will be my only phone” – Good luck with that. Let us know how was it time-travelling, back to the past.

  • Damian

    It might not be thinnest and lightest as apple claims but its 40% thinner than the lumia 920.. thats like 2 iPhone 5’s
    A6 is based on Cortex A15.. so if iPhone 5 is not the fastest phone in the the market right now what is?
    iPhone 5 has an IGZO display which is miles better than pentile
    4s camera is only second to the n8 and lumia.. so we’ll see..
    And what is the best OS? lol