Once again at the launch event in San Diego  Apple couldn’t resist taunting the competition and ran headlong into a huge faux pas. What we’re referring to in particular is the comparison of the iPad Mini to the Google Nexus 7, taking a closer look it really doesn’t even stand up to rudimentary fact checking.

Apple PR BS at its Finest: A Closer Look at the iPad Mini Display Comparison

There is not question that Apple ascended to greatness once again on Tuesday, even though the iPad Mini was hardly an earth shattering innovation (since the iPhone 4 launch Apple has been following a new, safer script: Evolution not Revolution). You really do have to tip your hat to Apple. For the Geek in me, the event was somewhere in between Rudolf Scharping and Prince Valium, but the way in which Apple expands existing platforms and perfects them is, perhaps, unique in the industry.

iPad, iMac, MacBook and Mac Mini are brand names light years ahead of their competitors, especially if you consider how much fame and traction these names elicit.

Steve Jobs was always basking in the limelight during his famous keynotes and never missed an opportunity to hammer away at the competition. And now, Phil Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple, did not stand back and attacked the beloved Google Nexus 7. But somehow the comparison mutated into something altogether different.

Others have tried to make tablets smaller than the iPad and they’ve failed miserably. These are not great experiences.

Apart from the fact that the Nexus 7 is experiencing exceedingly great popularity, this is the typical Apple strategy. “The Others” can not do it right, but with us “It just works” (which by the way, was the standard phrase in every Apple keynote of recent years)

It gets really exciting, but only if you look at Schiller’s display spin a bit closer. Compared to the Nexus 7, the iPad Mini has a whopping 0.9-inch more of screen on the diagonal and that makes it a 35% larger display! This is still totally fine, but it conceals one key fact that dear Phil didn’t want to highlight: the Nexus 7 has a much higher resolution (Nexus 7 = 1024000 pixels and iPad mini = 786432) and to make the comparison more favorable, he tweaked the browser settings a little.

The Safari browser on the iPad has much smaller controls and the address line is not nearly as high as on the Nexus 7. The Chrome browser, now pre-installed, also shows  the tabs, making the actual area of the smaller side smaller. The remedy is the Dolphin HD browser, which offers  a full screen mode. In the standard Android browser, you could also use the settings to hide the address bar and controls!

Remember, the iPad mini can also have a 20-inch screen when it dissolves with 1024 × 768 pixels, but it shows 30% less of a web page compared to the Nexus 7 or any other 7-inch tablet with a resolution of 1280 × 800.

Then Schiller used the landscape mode to further the optical illusion that the screen is larger with the Mini’s thinner side bezel. It’s only logical to fool the viewer!

I must say that Apple’s “67% larger is a malicious deception. Even in landscape mode, even with the 0.9 inch larger diagonal display, webpages don’t appear 67% smaller on the Nexus 7.

And now iPad Mini users won’t even have HD movies without those noxious black bars disrupting their favorite films.

It’s Magic!

(Translated from the German by Sascha Pallenberg)

Picture Source: Engadget


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  • digi_owl

    As always, Apple shows themselves as a marketing/spin company.

    • Nicole

      Yeah! During the keynote yesterday I found my self rolling my eyes! It’s crazy what they just tried to pull!

    • Guest

      There are simply lies and not merely ‘mkt spin’.

  • max

    lady on fire..

  • LOL

    This article is bullshit. So now it’s Apple’s fault that Chrome’s bars don’t auto hide and Safari’s buttons are smaller than Chrome to look bigger? Oh, and you say that the solution is to use Dolphin………..what even.

    Apple obviously don’t specify the disadvantages of the Mini (obviously they exist), clearly as marketing. But don’t get pressed at Phil just because you have to scroll at least 50x before you get to the end of a page on a Nexus in landscape mode…

  • max

    Dear Malarie, Very well written. I wish i could see the original German writeup of this. Though i can’t read German, but i want to smell the fresh roasted words. Also want to know how much aroma got lost in translation.

    Cheers to Malarie & Sascha for wonderful writing.

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  • shez

    That’s why I don’t buy apple products after iPhone 4, I’ve stopped buying any of their products. iPod, iPad & iPhone 4 were the only thing which made apple superior but unfortunately others have much better and cheaper products out available to us. Its just the apple fever on people’s mind due to this illusion created by them. All lies… I must say!

    P.S – After Steve Jobs, No ones really innovative apart from Hardware team leading by Jonathan Ive!