Looking for a case for your new iPad mini? I don’t blame you with all the Scuffgate news that’s been flying around about the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini sporting the same finish seems only logical. We picked up a Belkin Quilted Cover iPad mini cover with an integrated Stand in Red, it comes in a few other colors, but there is a little guy on the front with some studs, which could make this case a little more popular with the ladies.

iPad Mini Case Review – Belkin Quilited Cover Looking Good

The quality of the case is very high and the iPad mini fits securely inside where its finish will be safe from scuffs. The case also has a stand that offers a 4 different viewing angles using rubberized ridges. There is also a hole in the case for the camera. There is a magnet to secure the clasp which is handy when you’re using it to watch movies since it holds the clasp back.

Overall we like this case, it’s not too bulky yet provides a lot of pr

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