The Apple iPad 4 was refreshed just 7 months after the iPad 3 or the new iPad was launched and the main feature that has seen an upgrade is the processor. The iPad 4 will be going on sale Nov 2nd but it looks like we don’t have to wait to find out how it fairs in when run through stress test we love to run on our gadgets.

iPad 4 Benchmarks Blow the iPad 3 Out of the Water

The 4th generation iPad packs one gigabyte of RAM and 1.4 GHz CPU, when you put it up against the previous generations it is an expected step forward. What you’ll see above is a GeekBench score of 1757. The iPad 3 scored 747 and the iPad 2 769, so its new A6x processor has more than doubled the previous generation. The iPad 3 scored lower than the iPad 2 because of the higher screen resolution, so it looks like Apple has taken care of that in their newest device.

So it’s a clear choice between the iPad 3 and iPad 2, but will you be going for iPad Mini?

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  • max

    Please insert my comment in “I told you so” section. For reference see my previous comments on A6X.

    Now the thing is Samsung and few other companies ( who shall not be named) need to push their game further with cortex A15 2GHz Quad CPU’s Mali7xx series 800MHz Quad GPU’s or Else by this time next year Apple will swallow them in ARM processing power.

    My bet is on Intel 20nm Series 2GHz Quad CPU’s clubbed with PV6xx series 800MHz Quad GPU’s even then they might not blow away Apple’s Next, But yes might able to beat them respectably.

    The only good news for us is that they are working on it. At what stage they are we don’t know.
    News on Samsung 5450 & Tegra4 is also awaited, which can’t be labeled awesome if Samsung & Nvidia didn’t push their game on GPU.

    Good Luck to us.