Intel isn’t waiting for Haswell to bump up the graphic performance of their processors.  Intel is working hard on a driver updated that will bring 4K display support for Ivy Bridge and it should be ready sometime in October. At IDF 2012 we checked out a demo of 4K x 2K or Quad HD display’s powered by the intel graphics drivers for the Ivy Bridge processors i5 & i7 via display port spliter. The bit rate of the video was 50MB but in the labs there has been successful testing up to 150MB.

Intel’s Ivy Bridge 4K Display Demo – October Release Date

What we are seeing in this demo is a 3rd gen i5 mobile processors that is demonstrating the new graphic driver feature that is adding in 4K AVC hardware accelerate decode.

Intel’s digital signage media player reference design was whipped up by the Intelligent Systems group, the signal originates from 2 display port 1.1 interfaces which feed into display port splitters which power the 4 HD dialysis.

Collage display mode is the new graphics feature of the display driver, and that is the ability to unify 4 HD display’s into a single resolution to the OS. The cpu usage was around 14% while running 4 screens.

In addition to the support for 4Kx2K resolution displays, the new driver will also bring hardware accelerated 4K video decode. Unfortunately, you will still need to use two DisplayPort outputs in case you want to get the 4K panel to power up from an Ivy Bridge platform, so most Ivy Bridge systems today are out of the question.

On a similar note, Haswell will support 4K displays running from single DisplayPort or HDMI.

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