Now now, Intel sure is a great company. They have given us thousands of groundbreaking, amazing products and have given most of its competitors a hard time trying to catch up. While they might have missed a fancy ride on the all-important mobile phones processor business, they sure are making a late (but significant) push in to that segment.

Facepalm: Intel’s New Smartphone Is Called The Yolo


Intel seems to have major issues with its naming department. Or maybe, they don’t even have one. That is so unbecoming of a company that has given us stuff like “Celeron” “Pentium” and of late “Sandy Bridge” and “Ivy Bridge”. Anyway, news is that Intel has just announced its second Atom processor powered handset – designed for emerging markets. The handset which is slated to be available in Kenya has been christened (of all things), the “Yolo”. Jeez!

Now, the “Yolo” moniker does make sense if you recall that Intel’s first phone based on the Atom processor was called the “Xolo” (Disclaimer: The writer uses a Xolo X900 and I tell you, it’s a good phone!). While that is not exactly music to our ears, it certainly sounded sci-fi. Anyway, Intel seems to be following an alphabetic naming scheme here and we won’t be surprised if they call the next one the “Zolo”. I am more concerned about what happens after that!

As for the Yolo, the device features a 3.5 inch display and is powered by an Intel Atom Z2420 processor which chugs along leisurely at 1.2 Ghz. The device however can encode full HD 1080p videos and supports HSPA+ networks. It will be sold be Kenyan carrier SafariCom for around $126. The carrier, as expected would offer the device bundled with some data incentives – which in this case happens to be 500 MB of free data.

But seriously, “Yolo”? Gah!

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