Last week was a big week for everyone involved in this challenge, with the contestants putting their programs to the test in the real world. The judges got to get a bit of a sneak peak at the apps and get a better perspective on the men and women behind the madness. The one thing that is clear to me after GDC is that this is going to be a very difficult decision since everyone is still in the running, there is no clear winner. This week I’m going to focus on this things that I want to see for next week, I have no illusion that big changes can be made to the programs. What each team needs to focus on is getting what they have working well, I like to think that I’m an incredibly patient person, glitches are expected but it needs to work. If you want to win I’m looking for solid core functionality.

Intel Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual – Week 6 Judges Notes


Bringing your apps in to the real world for the first time is always an adventure, bringing your app out for the first time on the show floor of the GDC can only be classified as a nightmare. There isn’t a single person that I talked to that wasn’t horrified by the constant traffic behind the person meant to be running the camera and of course the audio. But it seems from this weeks posts that everyone has a crash course on what worked and what didn’t, I’m definitely not envious of anyone’s position, the deadline is fast approaching.

On a side note one thing that I found kind of interesting about talking to all of the contestants, many people were running into the same issues, which some of the teams had previously resolved in earlier posts. With all the code sharing happening I was surprised that you weren’t leveraging each others work more. As a judge I have to read all the posts, I know everyone is busy, but since you’re all working off the same platform it might be advisable to make sure you’re really up on what everyone’s doing.

Before we get into it, if you want to learn more about the program you can head to Intel’s about the Ultimate Coder Challenge II: Going Perceptual. to learn about the dirty details. Basically what is going on is they’ve all been given Yoga 13′s, a Creative Interactive Gesture Camera Developer Kit, a link to download the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 Beta and a directive to amaze



It seems like your application grew up a lot last week at GDC, leaving the safe nest of your home network has pushed you out of your nest and it looks like you’re on the right track to getting it solved. Audio is more important than video when it comes to these types of programs. Resolving issues with should be your main focus for the remaining time, everything else is definitely good enough.

Sixense Studio

The 3 little pigs were in full swing at GDC! The art has really come together, it looks amazing! The animation on the wolf and pig are solid, apart from the odd glitch where it picked up the right hand as the left everything is sliding nicely into the polishing stages.

I think you’re making all the right moves by focusing on video capture and export, I like the wolf legless….lol, spend more time facebook export over the wolf having legs. Trival point I know, still thought I would mention it.

Other then that everything looks good, just polish it up and get it ready for delivery.

Infrared5/Brass Monkey

I must admit that I learned a lot talking to Chris at GDC and this weeks post actually added on to a lot of the questions I had about developing for an Ultrabook. I really appreciate being walked through how you modified your code to get Kiwi Catapult up and running.

I played around with this one quite a bit at GDC and I know the guys are going to be making a lot of changes, but I thought I would note a few of the things I would like to see changed. I had trouble tracking the skyline and subsequently my position in the game. A larger rear view might be needed I couldn’t really look at the screen and use it at the same time.

Also….thanks for working on my super secret super power of wanting to breath fire! Sounds like you’ve got some challenges to overcome with this, I’d leave it over nailing your user experience in the game. I know you got a lot of feedback at GDC focus on the core functionality and ease of use. I’d focus on getting everything you deliver working perfectly over crazy new features.

Code Monkey’s

That’s hilarious! I can’t believe you made a video of the tongue tracking! Lol Stargate Gunship looks great, getting the tracking a little tighter, making the sight bigger along with the a different colour might be a good idea. I know people who are colour blind will have trouble with the blue green that you picked.

I would also like to see a post where you talk more specifically about your decisions for your hand gestures. I wasn’t kidding at GDC that it’s something that I need to see from you. In each of your posts its mentioned but there I no detail given about the process on why or how you came to that decision. With out it you make my job easier as a judge. Are you in it win it or not?


That was a very informative post, it wasn’t too technical, it was a very good basis for laying the groundwork for a true understanding of head tracking. Thank you fro incorporating the camera I think it was a very good decision.

Seeing your interface in person takes your project to a whole new level for me. It’s so drastically different from what everyone else is doing and its approach is very fundamental. It won’t go unnoticed that there is a lot of invisible work that goes into getting an interface like this into place.

Peter O’Hanlon

Thanks for the video, it’s nice to see Huda in action! I’m going to find it interesting to play around with the 2 second lag that you’ve implemented, I do find accidental deployment very annoying. I actually have a hard time with the gestures on trackpads with Windows 8 devices that don’t have a touchscreen. No matter how hard I try, I can’t change my usage patterns to lazy fingers. I can only imagine something similar with gestures.

You’re totally on the right track, fine tune it and make sure that everything that you’ve got now works well.

Full disclosure – We are being compensated for content related to the Ultimate Coder and to attend an Intel event. We have committed to posting at least once per week on this subject and judging the final applications. All posts are 100% written and edited by Mobile Geeks

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  • Peter

    Nicole, thanks for the post. I’m really sad that I couldn’t make it to GDC. I would have loved to have met you there – hopefully we can meet at some point in the future. I’d love to buy you and Sascha a drink or three.

    • Nicole


      Good luck!!!