I have to start this weeks post with a disclaimer that a more robust one is on the way, Mobile World Congress is in full swing and sadly we didn’t bring a dedicated video editor and our obligations to Revision 3 all came to a head today. So today the only one who is weeping is me.

Intel Ultimate Coder Challenge: Going Perceptual – Week 2

Update! Here is my extended post on the challenge! I decided since 3 of the 4 judges happened to be at MWC I would challenge Sascha & Chippy to talk about the teams.

Here is the video where we get into the dirty details.


Let’s dig in, I did find the time between renders to take a quick look at all of your posts so if you can’t wait till tomorrow for the full …monte…here we go.

A note to all the teams that are doing gaze tracking, I want to know every dirty detail. This is the most powerful part of the SDK in opinion and pupil tracking has such a wide range of implications that I think thus will attract a lot of potential developers to the program.

Infrared5/Brass Monkey

Loved reading about the trials and tribulations of face tracking, very interested to see what the issues are with the prepackaged port. It might be nice to track that in detail in a forum as well so others can contribute.

Love Love Love that I could play it! Graphics are sick!

Code Monkey’s

Nice to finally understand what you’re up to! 😉 I don’t think you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, but such a task I think would crush weaker men.

Since you guys are video stars I can only imagine the good times that are one the way with hilarious hand gestures!

Your aim to redesign the interface is a tall order. I love the philosophical angle you’re taking, it’s fundamental.

Sixense Studio
Sucks about the Ps4 launch.
The art on the puppet is very important I’m glad to see you’re investing into it.
I could never master the marionette, I’m not sure it would be any easier using perceptual computing. Maybe because I spent hours untangling the strings I’m excited to have a go without the hassle. This game could become pretty frustrating if it’s too realistic.

Quel Solaar
Maybe I need more time to really chew on what you’re saying but are you just creating a framework for other to use, or are you applying this framework to the games and projects mentioned in the project overview? I think you need to be more clear, there are a lot of big ideas floating around, I’m just not sure logistically how they are going to play out.

Nice to see you too have really played around with the depth sensor. I’m curious to see what representation of the face you come up with next week.
Will have to watch the video later.

Simian Squared
I get you don’t want to make it too realistic, but from a technical perspective I’m curious to know if you could use your fingers to reach in and make a cup or vase.

Peter O’Hanlon
Love the detail in day by day.
Nice to see you’re using Windows Presentation Foundation, though you’ve got a ton to do in 7 weeks since you’re doing it from scratch!
I hope you can get it done, seems enormous.

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