Intel wants to lower the rapid rate at which battery power is consumed by their CPU’s. Intel intends to build chips with the Ivy Bridge architecture, that can provide solid battery life in tablets. Supposedly before the launch of the Haswell platform, there will be a new group of slower, and therefore less power consuming, third generation Intel core processors on the market. These would be installed in new devices instead of the Atom Z series.

Intel Planning More Economical Core “Ivy Bridge” CPU’s For Tablets & More

CNet claims to have learned, that the power consumption should be reduced significantly in the new CPU’s, which would place the wattage well below the previously specified 17-watt TDP ULV Intel Core CPUs. Theoretically, these processors would be used in tablets. Intel currently uses Atom Z2760, which is not very powerful.

Intel is clearly reacting to the demands of PC makers. Tablets with Windows 8 and the x86 processor would be equipped with better CPUs. The new chips would provide more power than an Atom processor and be more economical. Probably the new “Ivy Bridge” models will be somewhere between the maximum of 5.9 watts and 17 watts of Nuclear Core Series. As for the “Haswell” CPUs, Intel has already announced that there will be models with only 10 Watt TDP.

Source: CNET

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