Intel doesn’t like to be kept waiting. While Microsoft takes their own sweet time creating a voice assistant for PC’s, Intel partnered with Nuance to build it’s very own voice assistant specifically for ultrabooks. And thus Dragon Assistant was born.

Intel & Nuance to Give Ultrabooks a Voice with Dragon Assistant

Nuance just announced that Dragon Beta will be available on the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook in the 4th quarter of 2012. The Dell XPS 13 is already available for $1000 plus and the addition of the Dragon Beta might become an interesting incentive to buy the very thin ultrabook from Dell.

It works like this: You start a conversation with Dragon, “Hello, Dragon” and the app opens. From there you can check email, play music, reply to messages, search the web and more. You end your time with Dragon by dismissively saying “Go to sleep.”

Intel and Nuance are testing out the voice assistant on the Dell ultrabook and if it works out, Dragon might appear on more ultrabooks soon.

Sources: Liliputing & Engadget

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  • Ryan White

    I would love to know what OEMs they are working with…

    • Nicole

      It sounds like they are going to be offering it to all of them across the board, but it’s up to them to decide if they want to implement it. To be honest I’m not sure all of them will take well to it seeing as it’s going to drive up the base cost of the Ultrabook.

  • Ryan White

    Well hopefully we have more options than Dell… not a big fan of them. If the manufaxturers can leverage this without being sloppy about it I think they could justify an increased price, especially if the OEMs keep the build quality of their next gen ultrabooks up.