At CES we took a walk through the Intel booth and saw a lot of amazing stuff. Naturally we put together a walkthrough video to give you a sense of what it’s like in person.

Intel Booth Walkthrough Video CES 2013

The walkthrough includes Windows 8 devices from all walks of life. With the Gigabyte U2142 you can see a convertible Ultrabook in which you rotate the display and place it on the keyboard to use the Tablet mode. As explained in the video,  Intel has tightened its rules on Ultrabooks. This applies to all devices that are connected to the fourth generation of processors aka “Haswell”. A touchscreen is now mandatory.

Next we see there is an Intel smartphone with a single core – dual cores will be in the near future. Intel has neglected this field for a long time and they have to play catch up. In addition, Nicole also shows us a nice prototype.

So take a whirl on the showroom floor with Nicole:

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