At IDF Beijing Intel took the opportunity to talk a littl bit more about Bay Trail, this new processor line up will be aimed at entry level computing. The new product line will feature Baytrail M for Mobile and Baytrail D for desktop. The 22nm chipset will be aimed at smartphones and tablets and in desktop think All in One systems.

Intel Bay Trail Prototype Hands On & HD Video Demo

Bay Trail will be the most powerful Atom processor to date as it will be offering a Quad Core SoC, it should double the computing performance on Intel’s current generation of tablet processors.

We got to check out 2 Bay Trail prototypes in the Future Technology Zone, a Gigabyte Motherboard and what looked like a modified UX21. Both were running a Quad core processor with no word on what frequency the final chipsets will be released at. The motherboard was capped at 1.6Ghz and though it was reading 8GB of RAM it was only using 1.67GB. Since these are early prototypes we were not allowed to poke around but we did manage to check out the video playback on the ASUS prototype which was running a 2560 x 1900 display with full HD videoplaying smoothly.

Battery life is meant to be as comparable to the current generation which offers around 9 hours of use, which is more than the Galaxy S3 which averages around 6.9 on the same battery eater test. The ACER Iconia W510 tablet running the Atom Z2760 will get you around 9.5 HR of use, which if this new line up stands its ground will make it pretty comptitive. So far we haven’t been able to track down the Baytrail tablet edition but we’ve head there is one floating around in the backrooms so we’ll see if we can set some time with it.


Discussing power consumption of this new platform, the version running in the ASUS prototype was consuming 4.4 Watts and the power consumption will change depending on the edition with the smartphone and tablet versions potentially consuming somewhere in th 2 Watt range.

If you want to see for your self, we shot a quick hands on video showing off the ports on the ASUS protype as well as HD playback and a look at the Baytrail motherboard.

If you’re keen on a few more details we’ve got a video right here:

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  • Brent

    Attracted to Nicole, Bay Trail/Broadwell is gonna be sick. I’m up in the air between Bay Trail and Tegra 4 in the Tablet market..Focuses; Low power processing for reading as well as fully fluid 25+ frame 1080p HDMI streaming. Media Player, Ereader, Browser, House Remote lights/thermostat/plant watering/thermal blinds ect.

    • Nicole

      I’m skeptical about the actual graphics capabilities…I’m sold on battery life, but I’m not sure if it’s going to take on Tegra 4 in terms of graphics…but think you’d have to be a gamer for it to really matter

      and thanks for the kind words 😉

  • Brent

    Pretty much exactly what I was thinking. Intel kept the simplicity and effieciency route their atom line has been consistent with. I don’t game much besides the occasional Halo(on 360) so it might not be a deal breaker. My usual video processing is in the 2-8Mbps range via Usb3.0 WDpassport to which the Tegra4 may just be overkill. If I could manage the low end of this processing on the Tegra companion core though that could also sway me, they haven’t announce to my knowledge the clocking of the companion not even sure if it’ll be A15 or A7 which could really make or break the efficiency. The Exynos Octa 5 will run a quad at A15 at 1.8, along with a quad A7 at 1.2 which could be good for my low and high needs. There’s a lot of guesswork until I see what kinda of standby modes they choose, cause if I could run <2Mbps video with the OS in something like S0ix sleep standy much like they have boasted for things like skype that would be epic. I'll have to wait n see I guess around the years end to be definite. Also if the tablet when plugged in bypasses the battery is a deal breaker lots of variable to the correct fit. Thanx for the response Nicole you Rock.