Indian PC peripherals maker iBall has just introduced an interesting hybrid product in the Indian market. Called the iBall Hybrid, this is a line-up of pen drives that have two connectors – a normal USB connector as well as a micro USB connector. This gives the device the ability to connect to a wide range of devices that sport the micro USB connector and gives them the ability to copy data to and from the pen drive. The only requirement at the device end being its ability to support the USB on the go functionality.

iBall’s Hybrid Pendrive Connects to Both: PC’s and Tablets

Apart from sporting the aforementioned Hybrid capability, these pen drives claim to boast of a solid construction and features a sturdy aluminium alloy casing – making it quite durable. The pen drive comes in two capacity versions – an 8 gb version and a 16 gb version. The former has been priced at Rs. 599 while the larger capacity latter version will set you back by Rs. 799. ($10 and $ 13 respectively)

While this is certainly expensive compared to similar capacity pen drives, iBall claims that the added cost is justified because of the large number of devices it would support – which none of the other pen drives can do,

I personally think this is an ingenious feature to have. It is perplexing to see that we have only now started to see these kinds of hybrid devices being introduced into the market! What do you think?

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  • Steve

    Good news for all consumers. Perhaps that’s where the real money is, in add on devices rather than OEMs slugging it out in the smartphone, tablet and computer world.