Looks like its a bad time to be a mobilephone manufacturer if you are not Samsung or Apple these days. The likes of Nokia, Sony, RIM and even Google owned Motorola ain’t doing great nowadays. We all knew HTC too wasn’t having a great year either – however, we never expected things to be THIS bad. Thats right, on the eve of the International CES, Taiwanese major HTC has announced its quarterly results for the last quarter of 2012… and the numbers doesn’t look very encouraging.

Meanwhile, HTC Reports Worst Ever Quarter; Profits Drop 90 percent

The company has termed the last quarter of 2012 as its worst ever since the year 2004. Profits spiraled out of control and dropped by an enormous 90 percent as people weaned away from HTC made handsets and opted for models from Apple and Samsung. Another reason for the poor show in the last quarter was the fact that there were no decent offerings for the market by them during the holiday season.

Expectantly, HTC also lost a huge chunk of its market share in 2012 as both Samsung and Apple chewed into its share (among others). HTC, which had a great start to 2012 with its One lineup of Android smartphones later saw its smartphone market share drop to just 4.6 percent in the third quarter of 2012. This figure stood a respectable 10.3 percent a year earlier. In the same period, its share in the U.S market dropped to 3.6 percent from 11.6 percent.

HTC CEO Peter Chou however believes that the worst is probably over and that we would see a resurgent HTC this year. We surely hope his vision turns out to be true as it would be a shame to see such a great company falling upon bad times.

[Via Bloomberg]

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