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News: HTC leaks Android Wear device, Huawei Honor 6 spotted, Windows 9 screenshots

Leaks are not lacking this morning. HTC, Huawei and Microsoft are taking over the stage and giving us a good look at the future.

HTC leaks its own Android Wear device

The recently-leaked HTC Android Wear device is looking to be very real with today’s leak. The newest leak comes from no obscure, anonymous sources, either. This is coming straight from an official HTC video, where the device popped up multiple times.

It shows up twice, sitting in a desk and displayed on a monitor. The video focuses on design, so it makes sense this device would show up at this point in time.

Opinion: Was this really an accident? We are not sure, but HTC’s smrtwatch is not looking too bad. Check out the video below to get a couple glimpses.

Huawei Honor 6 passes through TENAA

Huawei may be getting ready to launch the Huawei Honor X2, but there could be another device coming in the near future. A Huawei Honor 6 has just passed TENAA certification and it is looking to be a pretty good smartphone.

It’s said to spoty a 1.7 GHz Kirin 920 processor, Android 4.4.2, a 1080p display and a 13 MP camera. The most interesting part? Specs also include 4 GB of RAM!

Opinion: Other details are still missing, but passing through TENAA means this phone could be launching in China relatively soon. Will you be waiting for it?

Windows 9 screenshots leak

And this one is for those who are patiently waiting for Windows 9. The upcoming software is looking to bring some nice changes, as well as an improved start menu. Proof has shown up in the form of a couple screenshots the guys at Myce managed to get a hold of.

Opinion: It’s always exciting to see these leaked images, but try to keep an open mind. If real, these is still prototype software and is subject to change and improvements. Not to mention, it’s always healthy to take leaks with a grain of salt.