The launch of the Nexus 4 happened on Google’s blog rather than a huge launch event because of Hurricane Sandy and the trouble for the hottest new Android handset has carried on. We’ve been reading reports on lead times for shipping the phone into the new year if there are any shipping times provided. So it’s really not surprising with no relief being shown that we’ve finally gotten an official apology about this sad state of affairs.

Head of Google UK Applogizes for Trouble with Nexus 4 Orders

Google has essentially squarely placed the blame on LG, which actually does make sense since they are the ones manufacturing the phone. It should be noted that Google should have had some idea of how many handsets to ready when the device went for sale, they are after all the self proclaimed backbone of the internet.

Dan Cobley, managing director of Google UK & Ireland, used Google+ to address critics, claiming the company expects to push out a fresh batch of handsets this week to satisfy UK/Ireland “pre-Christmas” delivery promises.

Dear all

I know that what you are going through is unacceptable and we are all working through the nights and weekends to resolve this issue. Supplies from the manufacturer are scarce and erratic, and our communication has been flawed. I can offer at unreserved apology for our service and communication failures in this process.

For those that originally received a shipping estimate 3-5 days, your orders are now in process for fulfillment. You can expect an email notification early this week whichwill include tracking information. Although you will be charged in full Initially, you will receive a credit for the shipping charge soon after.

For others that received pre-Christmas shipping estimates, we anticipate processing your orders for fulfillment this week.

I realize that the people who ordered the Nexus 4 so early are among our most committed and loyal users and we are doing all we can to put things right.

Sorry again.


LG, Google’s hardware partner on the Nexus 4, is yet to comment on the supply issues, but we’re sure that they’ll have something to say once they’ve pulled themselves out from under the bus.

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