At IDF in San Francisco Intel decided to flex their muscles a little and show off the power of Haswell.  We are expecting this generation processor next year and its promising to offer large graphics improvements. What we see here is a side by side comparison of Intel’s third generation processor, Ivy Bridge up against what is yet to come with Haswell.

Haswell Graphics Demo at IDF 2012, Side by Side with Ivy Bridge

There are two comparisons in the clip below, the first runs a graphics demo that shows us how impressive this future generation is compared to Ivy Bridge. The graphics performance is twice as good as the third generation with the same energy consumption.

In the second demo, we see Haswell and Ivy Bridge side by side, this time, however, we see an Ivy Bridge processor, which requires 17 watts compared to Haswell which runs on only 7.8.

Check the demo out for your self to see what we’re talking about.

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