Asia is wrapping up their day and Europe is already eating lunch so what did these markets uncover while you were at the bar or in bed?

What Happened in Mobile Computing News While You Were Sleeping – Oct 4 News Round Up

Nokia is apparently working on a Windows RT tablet, rumors of a Nokia tablet have been consistently in the news for roughly 3 years and we still have yet to see a device. Marko Ahtisaari once said he spends 1/3rd of his time in building the next Nokia tablet and rumors that Microsoft is working on an RT tablet are also persistent. Via PcoketNow

Amazon is now accepting Apps from Japan getting ready for an AppStore launch later this year. Via TNW

Siri also reviews movies! Looks like Apple developers of the question answering virtual assistant have planted another Easter egg, this time in the form of movie review. Via The Verge

AllJoyn apps you’ll be able to buy items you see on TV using your smartphone. There was no time frame provided Qualcomm is preparing a big push of their AllJoyn peer-to-peer communication tool which that enables devices to recognise each other based on proximity rather than a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Via Pocket-lint

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