Sascha and Nicole are in Taipei to show you one of their favorite places in the world, the Guang Hua Digital Plaza. They navigate the tiny streets chocked full of gadget and tech shops, underground malls and little alleys, culminating in a walk through of the six story building full of even more tech shops!

Guan Hua Digital Plaza – Nicole & Sascha Visit Geek Paradise

It’s not just a single 6 story building, but a series of streets full of gadget shops. We show you around all of them to give you an idea of what is going on at a typical Asian computer market. It’s a 10 minute taxi ride from the Mobile Geeks head office and you bet that we’re there constantly.

On average we stop by once a week to pick up some random bit of tech just because. There are shops that are only for used laptop batteries and cell phone charms.

Our goal is to provide you with awesome videos like this weekly with Klaus Bardenhagen aka the Taiwan reporter , as our professional cameraman.

We’re gearing up to shoot a bunch of these over the next few weeks, so leave your comments on what you want to see and maybe you’ll inspire us!


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