Let’s take a stroll into the catacombs of Google. This is where the Internet lives, in servers so big, they call them farms. Google Street View is holding an exhibition of sorts, showing a collection of their coolest data centers around the world.

Google Street View Takes You “Where the Internet Lives” – Inside Google’s Data Centers

We’ve all wondered at one point or another how on earth Google handles all our queries. It’s mind boggling when you try to conceptualize the Internet. Who runs these gigantic servers? Where are they? Google answers all your questions in a fascinating photo gallery showing the man (men) behind the curtain, the pure tech of it all and the beautiful physical spaces the Internet inhabits.

Google was so kind as to allow more than pictures: a video. Check out this crazy tour of a data center in Lenoir, NC:

Sources: Engadget & Where The Internet Lives

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