Is there anything the Nexus 7 can’t do? Now, the 3G version is capable of sending SMS thanks to the UMTS/HSDPA Module onboard. Well, it still can’t make telephone calls, but someone’s already working on that.

Google Nexus 7 3G Can Send & Receive SMS (Phone Calls Still Not an Option)

Our fellow blogger Andrzej from has discovered that the Nexus 7 can send SMS without the mandatory root for SMS. He recommends the app GO SMS Pro, which is free on the Google PlayStore. He already tried it out and it seemed to work pretty well, just like any other SMS app on a smartphone.

External telephone calls are still not an option, but you can call your tablet, even if it arrives only a message that you have a new voicemail. Of course you can’t call the voicemail to hear the message, so it’s still rather pointless to try. Many 3G tablets can also make calls. The Galaxy Tab or the Huawei MediaPad first generation could theoretically replace the smartphone.

PS: In the XDA-Developers forum, there are also instructions on how to get the root for a normal SMS app for Android Jelly Bean on the Nexus 7 3G if  you don’t like Go SMS Pro.


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