When Google and LG designed the “original” Nexus 4, they both mutually decided to give the device a glass covered back. Now, I am not sure why they did not envision a scenario wherein the slippery glass adorning the rear would cause many a mishap that would lead to many Nexus 4 owners ending up with phones with a cracked rear (of the phone :P).

Google Gives the Nexus 4 Minor Design Updates; Is Less Prone To Falling Off Desks Now

Now that it has been quite some time since the device has been around, Google seems to have received enough feedback pertaining to issues with the slippery glass and they have decided to change something with all new batches of Nexus 4’s. No, they didn’t replace the glass with plastic. That would be too much of a deviation from the original design. What they did was to add two small nubs to the bottom of the phone that raise the handset slightly above the surface where it is kept. This leads to the smooth glass surface not coming in contact with wherever the phone is kept and thus lessening the probability of the phone slipping off or being thrown off accidentally from surfaces. The addition of these nubs has been reported by German site MobiFlip. Another thing that these nubs would do is to enhance the volume of the sound coming out of the devices’ speaker at the bottom. This enhancement however would be too little to be noticed – but is welcome nevertheless.


Another change that the updated Nexus 4 would see is a redesigned camera lens. In the new version of the phone, lesser area of the lens would be exposed. At this time, it is unclear if the change in the lens design would lead to any changes in the image quality or if the changes are purely cosmetic in nature.

Anyway, if you are one of those who were still mulling over getting the Nexus 4, do these additions make you more inclined towards completing the purchase? Or would you rather dole out your hard earned money on an HTC One or the new Samsung Galaxy S4?

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  • Jay

    aww and I was hoping for a user replaceable battery… :'(

    • LinusX

      If replacing the glass back with plastic would be too much of a design change, a replaceable battery sure is as well! Would be nice nevertheless…
      Linus X.