Here’ some good news finally for those of you who had upgraded to iOS 6 and found yourselves stuck with Apple’s iOS 6 Maps. Google has finally released a standalone, downloadable Google Maps application for iOS devices. The Google Maps application which was the default mapping tool on all iOS devices was back in September 2012 replaced by Apple’s own Maps tool. This was because Apple and Google had called off the five-year long licensing deal that allowed Google Maps to be the default mapping tool on iOS.

Google Maps Returns To iOS As an App

Unfortunately for Apple, the iOS 6 Maps haven’t been well received even by the staunchest of Apple fanboys who seem to agree that Google Maps on the whole is a much better, mature product. If that wasn’t all, the application did receive some negative press as well.

Anyway, iOS users might be a relieved lot now that Google Maps have made its official entry on to the iOS App Store from where you can download it. The 6.2 MB download will endow your iDevice with all the features that you enjoyed with Google Maps while you were on i0S 5.X.

Google on its part has said that this new version of Maps brings “an entirely new Google Maps experience on your iPhone”. The interface on the tool has also been tweaked to look better and the new design seems to have been streamlined for far better navigation. Other features include gestures – which can be used to swipe through maps and browse. You can also use 360-degree panoramas, and an inside peek at 100k+ businesses.

The good part about this app is that it would work on older devices as well that run iOS 5.1 or higher. Devices that find themselves in the supported hardware list include the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the iPhone 5, as well as 3rd/4th/5th generation iPod Touches and the iPad.

Head here to download the same for your iPhone/iPod/iPad

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