Chinese manufactuers in Shenzhen have been producing $99 tablets worth buying for the past 6-8 months and now it seems that ASUS and Google think they can too. Digitimes is claiming that the duo are working on two new Nexus tablets the first is a thinner version of the current $199 Nexus 7 and the second will be a new $99 model.

Google & ASUS Working on a $99 Nexus Tablet?

The display is the biggest differenctiator when it comes to tablets dropping into this price range, so it’s going to be interesting to see what HannStar Display comes up with, as they are the rumored supplier. It’s a very interesting play since $99 is often thought of as the magic price point that makes purchase decisions far less difficult for consumers.

The Mini iPad is also rumored to be hitting the street for the holiday season at a $249 price point, the game is a foot, let’s see how Apple does when it faces some stiff competition.

Via BGR Source Digitimes

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  • max

    Good, I think definitely they can do it.
    But Google please increase battery capacity, a 4300mAh is too meeker from today’s standards, and do make a Built in 3G option. More of a world band Like MDM66xx series chipset.

    • James

      If they increase the battery capacity and add 3G then they won’t be able to offer it for $99… Basically, if anything, they’ll have to reduce all the specs to get it that low. Since BOM will have to be well below that point for them to sell it at that price.

  • neeraj

    what will be its launch time….?

    • Nicole

      I feel like this is the beginning of one of those rumors we hear for a good chunk of next year too.