Giada is showing off more than just the ARM-basierten Q11 Nettop, thery also showed off a few Mini PCs with x86-Processors. Nicole took a closer look at the i53, i35G und D2305 with Atom and Core i3/i5/i7 Processors from Intel.

Giada i53, i35G and D2305 Mini PC Round Up & Hands On Video

The Giada i53 comes with the choice of Core i3, i5 or i7 and Intel HD 4000 Graphics. Up to 8GB RAM fit inside the compact device and it comes with a standard 500GB hard drive. It supports Gigabit Ethernet, WLAN 80x.11n and Bluetooth. It has 4 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0, Card Reader (SD, MMC, MS, MS Pro), HDMI, VGA and Audio. It comes in black or white with optional Windows 7 Home Premium.

Instead of the Core i Prozessor, the i35G has the Atom D2500 Processor and NVIDIA GT610 GPU. 4GB RAM and 320GB HDD or an optional Intel SSD are available. It has 5 USB 2.0 ports and can support USB 3.0. The mini PC also has optional Windows 7 Home Premium.

The D2305 looks like a Media center Computer for a living room. It comes with either Intel Core i5 or Core i7 Prozessor, NVIDIA GT640 GPU and up to 8GB RAM sind möglich. Instead of the 500GB hard drive, there’s an optional SSD. It comes with Gigabit LAN, WLAN 802.11n, Bluetooth, 2 USB 2.0 , HDMI, DVI and 2x Line-Out Audio. There’s an optical drive too for DVD or BlueRay.

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