Almost a year ago now, Norwegian based start-up company FXI gave the world its first glimpse of Cotton Candy; a portable computer that can take over your PC or Mac, turning it into either a Linux or Android workstation, and it’s only the size of a USB stick at just 3 inches long and as light as a feather.

FXI Cotton Candy Under The Spotlight

There isn’t much going on specification wise with this pint size PC, it’s 3 inches long, .95 inches wide and .5 inches thick. The right short side offers a full-size male USB connector and the left a male HDMI for your display. Then we’ve got a Bluetooth reset button a microSD card slot and a microUSB port. Under the hood it has a 1.2-GHz Samsung Exynos 4210 CPU and 1GB of RAM.

FXI are currently selling prototypes to various developers around the globe to beta- test, as this brain-in-a-box will apparently never be sold under the Cotton Candy title. The company plan to license it out to be rebranded and remarketed by individual businesses.

Although there are other Linux sticks on the market that can be plugged into your TV, none of those can do what the Cotton Candy is able to by taking over the entire environment in a single window.  That’s because the Cotton Candy uses it’s own CPU processor and it even has it’s own Internet connection stemming from its Wi-Fi Radio.

Security has also been a considered feature here too. The Cotton Candy doesn’t actually need to share any resources with the computer it is plugged into, meaning that with this new platform, FXI are offering what appears to be a security safe solution for anyone needing to roam from one computer to another.

The talk of the town is that this isn’t but a development in existing technologies but rather the introduction of a new platform facilitating the movement of our computing experience from computer to computer.

With a little searching we’ve found out some interesting feedback about this new device, but rather than us trying to tell you specific details why not hear it straight from a company who have had the luck to test it.

If you want to check out a really detailed review, check what are saying about it.

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