What can a touchscreen do? Sure. First of all, it offers a modern approach to a multitude of interactive media. But what happens, once you ignore the prescribed functions and you try – away from apps and games – to create a free application in a totally different context? Exactly. You become creative.

Freedom. Creativity. And the Modern Touchscreen.

And here two of the most important terms of my currently published book “[DS] Drum-Session: A-Drums. E-Drums. Cajon.” should already become clear: Freedom and Creativity.

My name is Daniel Schlep. I’m a professional drum artist.

I work with many bands and brands on stage and fairs, in videos and workshops.

“A musician on an IT website?” That’s right.

I had to put up with a similar question numerous times, when at this year’s “gamescom 2012” I had worked together with my IT-partner “Schenker Notebooks” (XMG) to organize an exhibit of modern E-Drums made by my MI-partner “ALESIS”. Through this work, I had brought together both companies and the result was: people, young and old, flocking to the sets.

I’m a long-term user and analyst of the IT and Gaming industry myself.

And it starts right here: by “thinking outside the box” and developing new ideas.

It’s the same thing with my book.

With the help of an ASUS tablet, I didn’t only create all of the photos in the book and all online videos to the book, but also illustrated an easy introduction to the world of beats and bytes, specially for musicians (but also for supposed “non-musicians”).

A unique and intuitive notation method (away from staves and confusing theory) enables you to become creative without any preset “notation app” or any closed system. All you need is a notation surface, a touchscreen and your finger.

In order to guarantee true freedom, the system has deliberately been structured as an “open system” and can be complemented by signs, lines and additions according to your needs. Beyond that, owners of the internationally published digital version of the book can make use of the digital marker of their readers in order to create their own notes and notations even right in the book and, in this way, blur the line between the classical book and the digital notepad.

Under the motto “Join the session!” I would like to not only thrust open a digital gate for future musicians, but at the same time also demonstrate that so many magnificent products exist in the IT scene, no matter in which price range, that allow us to create our very own things with just a little creativity of our own – each of us.

[DS] Daniel Schlep / www.danielschlep.de

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