Mozilla also made its way to Computex and held a press conference that obviously had a lot to do with Firefox OS. Mozilla is in cahoots with Foxconn and has announced that at least 5 devices with the Firefox OS are in the works.

Firefox OS On a Tablet! Hands-On Video

The most frequently asked question about the Firefox OS is when are we going to see it on the market running on a tablet or smartphone? Finally it seems the answer is here: We’re working on it. At Computex we were able to get our hands on some of the very first prototypes with Firefox OS.

The point is definitely not the device itself, as it’s only a rough prototype. The focus is on how Firefox operates as an OS on a mobile device. Android has always dominated Firefox easily in the OS department and any attempts by Mozilla may seem futile, but it is certainly interesting. Check out our video for a first glimpse of what Firefox OS could be:

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