Looking for an update on the latest mobile computing news? Well we’ve got a roundup for you right here. We take a look at the recent Apple patent suits and let you know who they’ve been opening up their pocketbooks too. Angry Brids Space has been released and someone in Texas bought a glass iPad!

Fake Glass iPad, Angry Birds Star Wars, While Apple Opens its Pocketbook – News Round Up

The hilarious saga of the Apple Samsung court battle continues, remember how Apple was shifty and updated their site with a non apology, well the courts though that their actions lacked integrity and have ordered them to pay for Samsung legal fees! Apple’s pocket book took another huge hit as they lost a battle with VirnetX who sued them over Facetime patents and was awarded $368M, they have since added the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, 4th generation iPad, the 5th generation iPod touch and the entire mac system line up since they weren’t on the market when they first took Apple to court. I wonder how much that is going to cost them!

Angry Birds Star wars was released and as expected it’s better than the last, they have a bunch of new birds and the game play goes between space and traditional angry birds AND they’ve added light sabers and laser guns into the mix so the game play has been stepped up because now you have to play the angles. But serious hasn’t everyone moved on to other games, we’ve got a walk through of Angry Birds Star Wars over here if you’re keen to check out.

On a lighter note in Texas a woman was approached to buy an iPad for $200 at a gas station, turns out it was a mirror shaped like and iPad. There is a pretty obvious like lesson in this one.

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