Analytics firm ComScore earlier today released a report that talks about the most used mobile applications on smartphones and tablets across multiple platforms. According to the report, Facebook has managed to beat arch rival Google’s popular mapping tool, Google Maps to become the most popular mobile application in the U.S. While it is not ideally correct comparing a social networking application to a Mapping Tool, both are applications nevertheless.

Facebook Pips Google Maps As The Most Popular Mobile App In The US

That said, one reason for the decline in the usage of Google Maps was because of the fact that the software was not available to iOS 6 users after Apple came up with its own mapping tool late last year. That said, now that Google Maps is back on the iOS platform, it is likely that Google Maps could claw its way back in to the top spot.
Here is a graph depicting the statistics pertaining to the most popular applications in the US. Note that Google Still has a huge stranglehold here with the other five top applications belonging to them.


While questions might be raised for comparing totally different applications, and even if we consider the fact that Google Maps will make it to the top spot again, the Facebook App does trump its competitors on one metric. User engagement. Their app currently accounts for 23% of time spent on apps, while Facebook owned Instagram owns another 3% of the market. All of Google’s various account only for 10% of time spent.


Of these Gmail had the highest individual share at 3%. That said, these results are predictable since Facebook is a social network where people tend to spend more time.

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