Looks like the talk of a customized Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for the Chinese market is coming true, a Dual-SIM Smartphone will be released on November 24th.

Dual SIM Galaxy Note 2 Coming Soon to China

The handset appears to be unmodified apart from the addition of another SIM card slot. The downside is that it won’t be working globally. One SIM card slot will be used for a CDMA network and the other one for GSM-based one. CDMA networks in the US don’t use SIM cards, so this handset has really been customized for the mainland.

According to Chinese website Bolopad, China Telecom will be the first carrier in the country to offer the dual-SIM Galaxy Note II.  If you’re wondering how much it is going to set you back the off-contract Note II will cost 5,199 CNY, which translates into some $835. Pretty pricy, but the price will likely drop dramatically shortly after launch.


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