You see, there is no doubt about the fact that Windows Phone is an awesome platform – if you forget the fact that App developers – even the more popular ones out there mete out step motherly treatment to Microsoft’s still born kid. While there are some good apps out there, they are often maligned by lack of updates and slow arrival of features that have been around on popular platforms (read: Android and iOS) for ages. Last week, popular messaging application, WhatsApp received a much needed update for its Windows Phone version that made the bug riddled app a tad more fun to use. (I haven’t had the chance to check that out yet so I would reserve my comment in a later article)

Twitter (Finally) Updates Official Windows Phone App

The reason I am blabbering about this is that Twitter earlier today released a fresh new update for its official Windows Phone App. The update claims to add a slew of new features that will finally let the app compete with its luckier Android and iOS based counterparts. Twitter has in fact doled out a blog post that talks about all these new features where it says that the new application has been rebuild from the ground up. It has been totally redesigned so that it is “in line with the other Twitter Apps”. The navigation structure of the same has been changed for the better, it claims.

twitter windows phone 2

The new app features the Home, Connect, Discovery, and Me tabs that you might be quite used to if you have been using the official twitter app for some time on the other platforms. The Home tab lets users glance what’s happening on their timeline while the connect tab will let them see their mentions, retweets and favourited tweets. And yes, it will also show all your new followers. The new Discover tab, just as in the web version of Twitter will display all current trending topics and interesting new people to follow on Twitter. The Me tab will let you organize yourselves, send and respond to direct messages and update your profile.

twitter windows phone 1

A welcome addition is the new button that will let users instantly compose a new tweet and for searching on Twitter. The new application would also get “live tiles” that would let users “pin Twitter accounts, lists and searches to their start screen.

Head here to download this latest version of Twitter for Windows Phone and once you do, you might want to let us know how good (or bad) it is.

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