Innovations in smartphone navigation and interaction have been pretty slow to evolve, improvements to operating systems are only incremental and generally only involve minor hardware changes like adding or subtracting a button. At CEATEC in Japan we were able to get our hands on the Grip UI from Docomo which uses the various buttons found on your phone to aid with navigation.

Docomo Grip UI the Future of Smartphone Interaction – Hands On

The Grip UI is aided by pressure-sensitive phone sides, that can detect up to five levels of squeezing, as well as the way you are holding the phone. Thus the handset can be programmed to execute apps, or do some other action.

These pressure-sensitive sides are a step in the right direction and would be a welcome addition to larger devices like the Galaxy Note. The video below shows of the prototype UI in action. It’s a great first step but for this to be adopted on a larger scale I think we’re going to have to see at least one evolution, or do you think it’s ready now?

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