Ever wished you were James Bond? The cars, the guns, the girls, what’s not to like? A new Kickstarter Project called The Directorate is a brand new spy game that posits a situation in which Cold War II breaks out and international spy missions are required to restore the balance of international relations. The kicker is that it all takes place on your mobile phone in locations found in the real world!

The Directorate Kickstarter Project Let’s You Live Out Your James Bond Fantasies in the Real World

The doomsday plot is pretty realistic and it’s easy to imagine this crisis scenario, so getting into the game should be a snap. In addition to killing the bad guys, you’ll have access to high tech spy equipment that James Bond could only dream about. As your international spy alter ego successfully completes missions, you’ll rise up in the ranks and get an upgrade to the most bad ass spy gear.  If things are getting too hot there are already safe houses popping up, you just have to check the fourquare trending tags to see that something is already a foot.

The makers of Directorate are hoping to expand the game to multiplayer and team missions. If they reach $235,000, there will be a mobile beta for smartphones and tablets.  Double that and the missions grow in complexity and team play is better optimized. The dream is obviously much higher at  $750,000. At this point the makers of the game will create other types of players, so that if you don’t want to be a spy, you can be a part of mission control  or an analyst. The ultimate goal is obviously to expand the game to other platforms and go big.

At the moment, they’ve raised $8,559, so they’re far off from their initial goal of $235,000 which would make the game a reality. Check out the trailer below and if you want to be a part of it, check out the project here.

Source: Kickstarter

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