Barely 3 days out in the wild the guys from iFixit were able to get their hands on the new Micorsoft Surface RT tablet and tear it down. After painstakingly removing the locking screws under the hood the Surface RT you’ll find an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor and an overall modular design. The technical guys from iFixit found that the Microsoft Surface RT is a much better performer compared to Apple’s iPad 3.

Digging Deep Into Microsoft Surface – Tear Down Photos

The Surface RT’s battery is pretty much designed like that of the iPad 3, which is glued to the platform. Using a spudger you could still get it and unglue it, but the whole process will take you quite some time. The Surface RT sports a 7.4 V, 31.5 Wh battery which is in the same class as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, whereas the iPad 3’s battery is made from lithium-polymer and rated at 42.5 Wh.

The inner parts of the Surface RT are mostly modular and can be removed rather easily, which also means that you can take it to the repair shop instead of sending it to a landfill. At least Microsoft is still compliant with EPEAT. Removable parts include:

  •  front- and rear-facing cameras
  • volume buttons
  • headphone jack

The downside to the Surface RT is that the glass plane and the LCD screen are fused together, which means if you damage the RT’s screen in anyway it’s bye-bye tablet. But the guys at iFixit says that it is still repairable but any technician will charge you extra for it, because it’s not easy to separate them – even though it can be done.

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