Yesterday the Google Play Store put the Nexus 4 back up for sale, but shortly thereafter the length of delivery time required for the smartphone began to increase exponentially. The Nexus 4 may be available for order, but you’ll have to wait a few weeks to get your hands on the device.

Demand for Google’s Nexus 4 Rises: 4-6 Week Wait For Delivery

As soon as the Nexus 4 was back in the Play Store, the wait time lengthened. It started at 1-2 weeks and grew quickly from there. Currently the wait for the 16 GB Nexus 4 is 4-5 weeks.Those who want to purchase the 8 GB version have a even longer delay, with delivery dates estimated in 8-9 weeks. In all likelihood, customers won’t be seeing their new Nexus 4 anytime this year!

Due to the incredibly high demand for the Nexus 4, Google decided to keep the ordering option open and reminded customers that they would need to take extended delivery time into consideration. It’s a testament to Google that the Nexus 4 is selling so rapidly and it signals an upswing for the search engine-turned-tech-giant.

Just don’t get too impatient or upset if your Nexus 4 arrives after the New Year or, worst case scenario, by Easter.

Source: Google PlayStore

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  • Guest008

    When a (good specced) phone has reasonable margin and price (yes, LG DOES make money on this phone. Like ASUS does on the N7), the demand for it go through the roof. Shocker.
    That and people understood that nothing’s better than Vanilla/stock Android… If you wanna be sure for it to keep on being supported and updated I mean.

    I hope that it will force/incite OEMs to lower their (usually ridiculous) margins.
    Another possibility is direct sale: get rid of the distributors and sell via their own website… BUT only if they actually substract the distributor margin of the price of the phone/device.
    As of now and beside Google (who’s acting as a distributor but doesn’t take one), direct sales only mean increased margins (compared to the normal distribution/retail channel).

    For me, the lack of µSD card slot is a deal breaker though. But I understand those that don’t mind.

    • Nicole

      Yeah and the non removable battery does it for me, I’m not sure what I’d do when I’m refreshing my nightly builds.