Intel’s Bay Trail tablets so far have only been shown behind closed doors with Prototype devices, but today at Computex 2013 we stumbled upon a trio of Bay Trail tablets by Shenzhen manufacturer CZC. The 3 tablets are all running a Quad Core Bay Trail CPU which is clocked up to 2.0GHz, the B97T is the most interesting with a 9.7 inch IPS Retina display but we weren’t able to look past the lock screen on this tablet as well as the B8T with is 8.1 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 800. We were able to play around with the B10T which has a 1280 x 800 display resolution which we’ve got a video and photos of below. All of the tablets come with options for 2 or 4GB of RAM, 32, 64 and 128GB options, 10 point capacitive touchscreen, 1.0MP camera, Blue tooth 4.0, 3G (optional), Wifi, USB 3.0, Mini HDMI, Audio Jack and a micro SD card slot.

CZC Bay Trail Tablets Hands On with Manufacturer Battery Life Predictions

In our time with the B10T moving around the Windows 8 operating system the system was snappy and responsive but since this was a sample product we didn’t dream of stressing out freshly assembled product with any tests. What was most interesting about the product sheets for these products are the manufacturers battery life predictions which have not been specific but have been promising All Day Battery Life.

The BT10 is 750 grams with an 8100mAH battery and the manufacturer prediction is 6 hours of battery life which is hardly all day. The B97T has the same configuration with a 9.7″ IPS Retina display and also touts 6 hours of battery life. The much smaller B8T is 8 inches weighing in at 480g with a 5400mAH battery that is expected to provide only 4 hours of battery life.

We do have to question if this Shenzhen manufacturers predictions are in line with the final product, but they say their predictions are accurate.

If you want to check out our video of the B10T with a quick look at the B8T and B97T we’ve got that here for you below. If you’re keen on some photos, we snapped a few of the B10T since that was the only one that was full functioning.

CZC battery life predictions

CZC battery life predictions

CZC B10T Spec sheet

CZC B10T Spec sheet







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  • Dan

    6 hours may turn into 4 real hours, but is that a chair behind this display? The white one?

    • Nicole

      yes, a chair…lol

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  • deadhead

    This doesn’t make any sense… if the new vaio duo 13 inch can pull over 10hrs with a 6,320mAh battery (per engadget review), why are these baytrail tablets so bad ?

    Is it the screen resolution ?

    • James

      Don’t get confused by mAh, those aren’t accurate indication of battery capacity… It would have been better to get WHr instead for a real comparison of capacity but it’s likely the battery capacity is much smaller than 13″ Vaio Duo has, since tablet batteries tend to be lower voltage that laptop batteries.

      Mind though that Bay Trail isn’t out yet and that means the drivers, etc. still need to be perfected for the hardware… Similar issues plagued Clover Trail before release but by the time of actual release it gave the promised battery life!

      This is especially true of mobile hardware because of the advance power states like always connected standby require specific support in the OS to take advantage of and without proper drivers then the OS can’t communicate with the hardware properly enough…

      And yes, the screen could also be a factor because such high PPI range screens need more back lighting to shine through and that increases power consumption.

      The 3rd gen iPad was noted to have a 30% power increase from just the screen alone. While higher resolution also puts a higher load on the GPU and even the CPU as not everything is handled by just the GPU alone…

      Apple’s solution was to increase the battery capacity by about 50% to keep the battery life the same as the previous iPad 2.

      So, similarly, they may need larger batteries to support these devices with such high resolution displays… even if Bay Trail provides all its promised power savings, as the SoC is only part of the total power consumption of a system and usually only exceeds the screen power draw at full load, which isn’t all the time!

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  • ozzykay

    dont believe this company !as a chinese ,i never heard of its name ,and bay tail hasnt been even released yet!if it is released in the future,companies like asus,acer definitly will be the ones have the priority to get it first. this unknown company must fake it somehow to look like they’g got bay trail processor and use it as a marketing tool,which is a huge lie and big shame!

    • kelly

      hi man, how can you say something without any evidence to defame a company? A big shame for you. If CZC fake it, how can Intel guys come to the booth to help to introduce to so many customers? CZC is an ODM, a strategic partner of INTEL. With Intel’s support on Bay Trail, they really do it and make the working sample by COMPUTEX.

    • Nicole

      Actually, they are working pretty closely with Intel, they showed me a few documents I couldn’t post here…pretty much everyone that I talked to say’s Bay Trail isn’t going to be as hot as everyone thinks. Haswell yes…bay trail no…

  • Alexey

    As far as I heard, mobile Atom CPUs will be 32-bit till 2015.
    So, if manufacturers put 4GB RAM, then only 3.2GB will be addressable (and 4GB with PAE-patch). Still, it’s much better than these crappy 2GB they (manufacturers) put in Acer W510.

    I wish they don’t put these models on hold, and release them ASAP (literally, right now, in June-July). The demand is huge. I don’t have patience to wait for MS Surface 2.0, it became available in Europe a year after initial release. People are ready to buy these tablets even from chinese (international) retailers, and not wait for the next year or so. The B97T is currently no. 1 in my list :))

  • qwerty3

    CZC B10T, at last a 4:3 ratio w8 tablet, hop there will be more of ’em