According to a bi-annual smartphone customer satisfaction survey, undertaken by the global market researchers JD Power, there has been a significant overall increase in satisfaction for smartphones – except for Blackberry and HTC.

Customer Satisfaction: Nokia swerves past Samsung

For the second time in a row, Nokia have seen the highest percentage change in customer satisfaction, 4% growth in the last 6 months, and a massive 13% year on year increase. That increase has allowed them to edge ahead of Samsung, and into second place in the rankings.

Just a year ago, Nokia was sitting in last place in a similar JD Power survey that focused on their Symbian phones. It is likely however, that as those handsets filter out of the market, Nokia will continue their rise up the customer satisfaction rankings, and perhaps overtake the iPhone, as has been the case in other surveys that have involved the Windows Phone. That’s not something that anyone would have imagined happening just a few months ago.

This recent customer satisfaction survey allows a valuable insight into the public’s preferences when it comes to smartphones and their performance, features, design and usability. From the results it is clear that the Windows Phone 8 has been received really well and is certainly more favourable than it’s Android competitors.

Before Nokia start with any grand celebrations, its important to remember that this is ‘only’ a survey about customer service. The real key results, I imagine, will be unveiled in future surveys that deal with the all-important sales figures. However, if they continue to introduce products as strong as the Lumia 920, they shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

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  • Dan

    I love my Nokia 920. Being able to pin videos,music albums, Mix Radio, pictures, movie clips is such a time saver when you want to enjoy or show others. The apps take care of all my needs, love Speak Reminder and all of Nokia’s apps. The phone family or friends rooms are all my social in one, yet do reviewers know its there? With Nokia I don’t have to look for apps to open things, its already there on my start screen and I can see it outside.

  • Sumit

    Please stop calling it “The Windows Phone 8″ …